Porter’s Gin

Porter’s Gin


Porter’s is a premium gin with a bold juniper body and a unique citrus profile.

Created by a trio from Aberdeen, Scotland, we combine a fusion of old and new by utilising modern “cold”, or “vacuum”, distillation and traditional copper pot-still distillation. The resulting gin has a bold juniper body and a unique citrus profile.

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Josh, Ben and Alex all have a passion for good quality food and drink, and they had the collective aim of making a gin that tastes better than existing brands, is good to drink straight or with tonic, and has a subtly unique flavour. Professor Andrew Porter of the University of Aberdeen sourced a rotary evaporator which allowed the team to create the flavour they wanted through distilling alcohol with botanicals at very low temperatures, often known as cold distillation or vacuum distillation.

This led to hundreds of experiments with the flavours that can be extracted from a huge variety of botanicals, from common plants like heather and grass to rare herbs like Muira puama and calamus root. Interestingly they discovered that there were huge variations in flavour even from small changes in temperature, how the botanicals are cut, maceration methods and the quality of the botanicals themselves.

They also discovered that making a good gin is extremely difficult and takes a huge amount of care over balancing the flavours from each botanical. A large number of gins in the market seem to have struggled to use unique botanicals in an effective way because it’s easier to stick to traditional recipes and it’s very difficult to balance an unusual botanical, so they tend to either have a one-dimensional flavour profile which is led by few ‘unique botanicals’, or simply stick to the traditional recipes with slight tweaks.


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