Neft - Vodka Reimagined

Finest Russian Vodka, made in Austria. NEFT is unique, NEFT is recyclable, NEFT has no glass packaging, NEFT cools down faster, NEFT has weight advantage, NEFT causes less transport costs, NEFT has entertainment value

About NEFT

In comparison to numerous other Vodka productions NEFT vodka exclusively uses special ryes for the production; Rapidly, Amato, Pollino and Askari. The processing of pure rye, the multiple distillations as well as filtration through special activated carbon-layer filters and the use of the freshest high spring water from secure sources guarantee a unique flavour. This procedure gives an especially high quality and produces a vodka that all vodka drinkers will enjoy. NEFT Vodka does not use any additives like sugar or honey nor any natural or artificial flavouring. A slightly sweetish effect is attributed to the base of the pure rye distillate as well as the unusual cleanness of the alcohol. NEFT Vodka is produced exclusively in small batches and compared to conventional vodka, a significant difference in the distillate. A vodka in a class by itself.

About NEFT

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